Tuesday, November 18, 2008

An Amateur Gourmet's Ode to her Knife

Oh knife
Your glistening edge
Glorious foods
Into perfect shapes

A wedge
A sliver
A flawless julienne
All in the name

Oh knife
I thank thee
For working past the point
Where the wrist has been exhausted
And the hand hurts

The unsung hero
On the culinary battleground

Oh knife
Despite the bandaged fingers
And scarred cutting boards

You share in my tasty joys
Abject failures
And everything in between

You have been both friend
And sous chef

Oh knife
I thank thee
Noble companion
And humble assistant

*In case anyone was wondering – I LOVE my knife. It is a Victorinox Fibrox 8 inch Chef’s knife. Buy one. You too will be writing poetry about it in no time at all.


Lael said...

very cute. I wish I had a knife that elicited poetry! Sadly, ours are the kind that usually only last a couple months because the blade loosens and comes out of the handle (thanks a lot, Walmart). I dream of someday owning a Cutco set.

Ingrid said...

Ha, cute! Lael's comment was pretty funny, too!

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